Grumman A2F-1 Intruder

Carrying the most modern attack navigation system of any all-weather aircraft flying today, the A2F-1 Intruder is designed to fulfill the Navy's need for a low altitude attack bomber that can strike distant enemy targets with nuclear weapons; assist tactical troops by performing ground support missions with conventional weapons.
In the performance of both missions, the two-place, carrier-based aircraft utilizes sensory equipment which can detect terrain features and pinpoint military targets despite adverse weather conditions or darkness of night, a factor which gives the Intruder an unprecedented low altitude attack capability. The sensory equipment's electronic messages are transformed into a visual display, located within the cockpit, which enables the pilot to "see" the ground and air area below and in front of the Intruder.
Powered by two J-52 Pratt and Whitney jet engines, the Intruder is the first aircraft to employ tilting tailpipes capable of deflecting the aircraft's 17, 000 pounds of thrust partially downward, facilitating an ease of take off from carrier decks and giving the aircraft STOL (short take-off and landing) capabilities from forward areas.
The Intruder's ability to fly "on the deck" enables it to escape early detection by enemy radar. The aircraft is a valuable weapons system for either a limited brushfire war, or a retaliatory nuclear war.