Grumman AO-1 Mohawk

The AO-1 Mohawk is designed for the U. S. Army to provide combat surveillance and target acquisition by all-weather, day and night, systematic observation over the battle area. It carries visual and photo equipment, and later modifications of the Mohawk will also carry radar and infrared equipment. Operational versatility of the Mohawk is augmented by skis, enabling the plane to land and take off from small unprepared fields, mud, and snow. The plane has excellent short take-off and landing capabilities while carrying useful loads of approximately 2,400 pounds. The Mohawk is capable of speeds in excess of 300 miles per hour. It is powered by 2 Lycoming T-53L3 engines and features a stall speed of 60 knots and a sink rate of 17 feet per second. One of the largest aircraft ever to enter Army service, the Mohawk weighs 9,500 pounds empty and has a gross take-off weight of over 11,000 pounds.